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Solar panel installation in Castor, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
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Solar Peterborough

Professional Solar Panel Installers in Peterborough

Solar Boss offer thermal solar and solar PV installs across the whole of Peterborough, from the city centre to the villages and properties on the edge of the city.

We can offer our complete solar packages in Peterborough, including battery storage, and help you choose the solar package that works best for your Peterborough property.

We’ve installed solar panels on many commercial and residential properties in Peterborough helping them save energy costs and the environment!

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All Solar Panel Services in Peterborough

Panel Planning & Design

We will assess your property and put together a plan in accordance.

Thermal & PV Solar Panel Installs

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Solar Panel Battery Install and Link Up

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Additional Services

Solar Panel Maintenance in Peterborough

Alongside new solar panel installs in Peterborough we can also help if there is something wrong with your existing set up, or if you think it can be improved.

solar panel repairs and tuning
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The Best Solar Panels

PV or thermal, we use the latest and best solar panels on the market.

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We will beat or match any like for like quote on solar panel installs in Peterborough.

Professionals Local to Peterborough

We are a local team of fully trained professionals.

Recent Solar Panel Jobs in Peterborough

We've installed PV solar panels, batteries, and thermal solar in Peterborough!

Solar panel installation in Castor, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
PV Solar Ailsworth

15 Panel

A 15 panel PV Solar Install in Ailsworth, Peterborough, just outside the conservation zone.

14 solar panels install on residential property
PV Solar Castor

14 PV Solar Panels

With 2 batteries this 14 solar panel install in Castor, Peterborough will make a substantial saving on energy bills.

Farming solar energy with solar panels on a farm
Solar Panel Install

Commercial Solar Panel Install

A recent commercial solar panel install on a farm on the outskirts of Peterborough.

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Solar Boss Peterborough

Our main office is located in Peterborough but we suggest getting in touch using the info below or the quote form for a quick estimate on installing solar panels to your property in Peteborough.

Williamson Avenue, Peterborough, PE3 6BA

Phone: 01733 341666


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FAQ About Solar Panel Installs in Peterborough

Most frequent questions and answers

Can you Install Solar PV in Peterborough?

PV Solar Panels are what we install most commonly in Peterborough and other regions we operate. These solar panels use solar to create electricity which is usually then stored in batteries. 

Can you Install Thermal Solar Panels in Peterborough?

We can install thermal solar panels to properties in Peterborough that require water heating through solar, often combined with a cylinder tank.

Can you Install Solar Panel Batteries in Peterborough?

Yes, in fact we highly recommend installing a battery alongside your solar panels to make the most of the energy and store it it for use.

What locations in Peterborough can you cover?

We work across the whole of Peterborough and surrounding areas. If you live outside of Peterborough you may find our Cambridge, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire pages useful for local information and solar installations in those areas.

Does Peterborough Council offer any support for solar panel installs?

While we work with the local Peterborough council to help provide solar panel schemes to properties across Peterborough, it is worth asking directly for any currently operating policies or schemes:

Solar Thermal or Solar PV for Peterborough Properties?

If you can we recommend both! However, PV solar is the more common installation in Peterborough. It can be added to an existing house or property easily.

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